"Thou Shall Not Ration Justice"
— Judge Learned Hand
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We are the primary provider of free legal services for our low-income citizens in
Washington, Greene, Fayette and Somerset Counties.

Our mission is to ensure that no individual or family in our community is
deprived of access to professional legal assistance solely because of an
inability to pay.

We help our clients with a wide variety of civil legal problems, especially
those of an emergency nature.

We also work with our clients to improve their ability to be self-sufficient
through obtaining and/or enforcing their right to necessary economic, employment, housing,
medical and other public resources.

We provide these services through high quality representation, partnerships with the private
bar and other local public and private agencies, and a comprehensive program of community
education and outreach throughout the region.

If you would benefit from our services, you should use the CONTACT US link to the left.

If you are interested in other information regarding the online legal resources, governmental
or private agency resources, or our program, use the links listed to the left.

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