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What has to be done before a child can be adopted?

    A. Through adoption, all parental rights and responsibilities are legally and permanently transferred to the adoptive parent(s).

    B. Pre-Adoption Requirement:

    1. Pre-adoptive Home Study and Pre-placement Report: This report on the prospective adoptive parent must have been completed within three years prior to placement of the adoptee in the home and updated within one year prior to the placement of the adoptee. The pre-placement report must include information regarding the fitness of the adoptive parents and the home environment.

    2. Report of Intention to Adopt: This report must be filed by the person who has custody of an adoptee with the Orphans’ Court. This report must include specific information regarding the person having custody of the child, the child, and the intermediary (the person(s) or agency acting between the parent(s) and the proposed adoptive parent(s) in arranging an adoptive placement). The report must be filed within 30 days of receiving physical care of the adoptee.

    3. Report of the Intermediary: Within 6 months after filing the Report of Intention to Adopt, the intermediary must file this report, which must contain specific information regarding the intermediary, the child, and the prospective adoptive parent(s).

    4. Adoption Subsidy Agreement: This is a binding agreement that is negotiated between the adopting parent(s) and the agency having custody of the adoptee. It states ongoing financial and programmatic supports for the adoptee, including reimbursement for allowable expenses related to the adoption process.

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