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The following persons are required to enter into a written agreement, known as the Agreement of Mutual Responsibility, that establishes the obligations to be undertaken by the applicant/recipient to achieve self-sufficiency:

    1. Adult applicants/recipients who are required to sign the application,

    2. Pregnant teens or minor parents who sign the application on their own behalf,

    3. Persons under age 18 who have not earned a high school diploma and who are not attending school.

The Agreement will include the following obligations, when appropriate to the individual or family situation:

    1. That pregnant women receive prenatal care as recommended by the doctor or other health care provider,

    2. Ensure that children receive appropriate medical treatment,

    3. Take steps to improve a child’s school attendance and improve his/her chances for earning a high school diploma,

    4. Submit to a substance abuse assessment by the local county authority if DPW determines that a person has a problem that presents a barrier to employment. If the assessment indicates that a drug/alcohol problem exists, the person will be required to participate in and complete an approved treatment program.

    5. Make appropriate payments to service providers from allowances given for day care and other special needs,

    6. Meet other obligations specified in the Agreement.

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